About Us

The Benedictine monks of Glastonbury built Wrington’s magnificent church in the 14th & 15th centuries.

Today All Saints’ and its churchyard stands as one particular focal point of the community that is appreciated by everyone and is essential in retaining the character and culture of the village and its community.

The grave of Hannah More and her sisters in the south-east corner of All Saints' churchyard is sought out by many visitors every year

Some 35 years ago the churchyard became somewhat neglected, like many are today. In 1978 the Friends was formed and a scheme launched to put the financing of the upkeep of the churchyard on a more satisfactory footing by a regular non-denominational annual appeal to all households in Wrington.

Similar to any premises with large grounds there is a continuing need for maintenance and restoration,
and the Friends would hope always to be in a position to assist All Saints’ financially towards such costs to ensure attention is able to be given sooner rather than later.

A few years ago charitable status was secured by the Friends giving substantial tax benefits. Funds collected over the  years have enabled the Friends to contribute in part or full to the grass cutting costs, the surveying and subsequent remedial work on the churchyard trees, restoration work on the east and north walls of the churchyard, the nightly floodlighting of the church, restoration of the lych gate, treatment of the outer doors of the church and several other small items in the churchyard.