Rachel Heaton – 09/01/2024 -Sullivan & Coles Bakery

Slightly odd query, but I wondered if anyone on this page could tell me exactly where the bakery/bakeries were located. In his article, Bill Crook mentions two; Sulivans and Coles but doesnt indicate whers they wereWas one of these located in the building now know as the Old Bakery on the Triangle? If so which. Where was the other?
Additionally, one of the articles in “Wrington Village Records: Studies of the History if a Somerset Village” makes reference to a bakery recently being renovated (in the 1960’s) and describing it as being on the 18th century map of the village, but again I am not clear which location/building the writers are refering to.
I am just curious, and thought it worth asking.

Editor –

My name is Trevor Parnham and I have taken over the website from its original creator and maintainer, Richard Thorn. Richard is my brother-in-law and sadly now has alzheimers and is no longer able to maintain the website.
Richards site is massive and I am in the process of creating the new site wringtonvillage.com. It is a huge job and it entails making it usable by current residents as well as preserving the vast archives.
I do have some information on Sullivans and Coles Bakeries including some rare video footage of Sullivans shot in the 1930s. All this will be added to the new site, including an up to date Schmoose page.
In the meantime, in answer to your questions, Sullivans shop was on the left of Broad Street on the junction with Station Road and the bakery was behind it at what is now Cambridge Court.
My information on Coles is more vague, but I believe it was opposite Sullivans, being the first property on what is now The Triangle, leading to Ladywell. I think it was also known as Sidney Allen’s bakery, but not entirely sure about this.
Please keep viewing the new site as I gradually update it.
Many thanks for your interest.