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 Dates For your Diary

4th April  Arts Society Mendip. ‘Picasso and Cubism:               See page 17

11th April              Redhill WI “Orchids”                                                  See page 30

13th April              Wrington WI “The Real Jane Austin”                            See Page 22

14th April              Applications for hardship fund deadline             See page 31

15th April              Wrington Bowling Club Open day                            See page 12

15th April              Wrington Bowling Club Captain’s Day                            See page 12

18th April              Wrington Local History “Lead mining on Mendip” See page 34

18th April              Redhill Singing For Fun                                               See page 8

20th April              Wrington Gardening Club “Rewilding”                      See page 33

Wrington Benefice Services       –                                             See pages 4 & 5

Wrington Country Market – Most Friday’s                               See page 5

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