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“Head Over Heels”—a brand-new musical created by members of the Wrington Drama Club—swept the stage with a delightful blend of romance, intrigue, and catchy tunes. Set aboard the cruise ship Emerald Carnival, this production unfolded against a backdrop of smuggling, marine biology, and, of course, the timeless songs of ABBA.

When writing a review there is usually something which is maybe not quite up to scratch and being an amateur production, I always try to be as kind as possible. With this production, that is not the case. The whole production, cast band, scenery & organisation were of a very high standard. The hall was full of laughter, applause and singing.

Here’s what made this show truly remarkable:

1.            Original Script: Written by Louise & Zoe Maitland Round, with inspiration from Cathy Faulkner, the plot took unexpected twists and turns, reminiscent of Mamma Mia, yet entirely unique.

2.            ABBA Magic: The musical featured ABBA’s greatest hits, from chart-toppers to hidden gems. As the ship docked in Sydney, passengers and crew found solace in ABBA’s melodies, proving that there’s an ABBA song for every situation.

3.            Ambitious Cast: With a whopping 58 cast members, including a live 7-piece band and the talented quartet known as “ABBArystwith”, the stage came alive with energy and passion.

4.            Audience Enjoyment: The cast’s enthusiasm was contagious—their joy radiated to the audience. It was evident that they relished every moment, and the crowd couldn’t help but join in the excitement.

Performance Details:

•             Dates: January 31 to February 3, 2024

•             Time: 7:30 PM (evening shows), 2:30 PM (Saturday matinee)

•             Location: Wrington Memorial Hall, BS40 5QE

•             Director: Zoe Maitland-Round

•             Musical Director: Ian Maitland-Round   

•             Choreographers: Eleanor & April Cashman

•             Additional Lyrics Ian Maitland-Round, Lydia Grant & Verity Barker

The Wrington Drama Club continues to be a force for good in the community, involving residents of all ages. Don’t miss their next spectacular production.

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